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Main projects of the last years

We are very active in the field of youth and adult education as holders but also as partners of different kind of projects in our country and abroad. The key for us is to work on both local and international projects and we try to cover broad scale of themes and topics according to what our target group finds interesting. We focus mainly on youth participation, intercultural understanding, active citizenship, entrepreneurship, sport, healthy lifestyle, community development, but also art and culture. The activities of the organisation are based on the approaches of non-formal education, experiential and intercultural learning, social inclusion and active participation. Our activities include but are not limited to: networking and cooperation; educational projects of different types (e.g. youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, workshops etc); awareness raising and policy development; capacity building; coaching of initiatives, organisational and individual coaching; mobility.


Our main projects:

  • Searching my fund seminars – Workshops for young leaders of Hungary, who want to learn about tenders, and grants in the field of youth.

  • Organizing local level sports events for primary and secondary schools using the non-formal educational methods.

  • Organizing promotional events in the field of classic European competitive sport to increase the number of school athletes

  • Building community – projects of informal youth groups who are managing community spaces, and would like to develop their work.

  • Coach program of youth workers – Seminars and workshops for Hungarian youth leaders dealing with project management, community development, youth participation and entrepreneurship.

  • International youth exchanges – we were the partner of several youth exchange programs as trainers of non-formal education methods.


In order to ensure a quality project our organisation will involve expert and adequate staff members in the project from preparation, throughout implementation, exploitation, monitoring and evaluation to dissemination and follow-up. With experience in European and national project management the Kreateam Association will contribute to a sufficient project delivery providing an experienced project manager, project assistant, administrative and communication staff member.


The group of professionals, educators and youth workers who work with Kreateam have long experience in community development and in general in the conduct of educational activities for young people and adults. They also have specific expertise with group dynamics, conflict resolution, creative and educative activities, and non-formal learning methods

Searching my Fund seminars

It is very important for an organization to get suitable funds for their successfull work. We can find several funding opportunities in local and in European level too, but it is not easy to getting through of them...

KREAPONT information and community centres

Kreapont Centres was created to help local communities and local governments to organize theri community lifes nad programmes. The created Kreaponts will help the local community buildings of the selected settlements.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

Our association has several point of contact to NGOs dealing with environmental projects. For these NGOs we provide trainings and awareness-raising events to manage to reach the result of their funded projects.

Building community - projects of informal youth groups

One of the main aim of our NGO is to support informal youth groups at their projects which help the building of a local community...

International youth exchanges

With the helpf of Erasmus+ grants in the past years we managed to take part in several youth exchanges in connection with several countries (Poland, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom...)

Strategic partnerships in the field of youth

These long term projects are the main cooperations of our NGO, recently we ruin two Erasmus+ KA2 cooperation with 9 different countries of the EU and partner countries. During these projects we mainly dela with the developmnet of youth workers sector with the help of local institutes and NGOs.

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