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We would like to
that you have a valuable project idea for the Erasmus+ KA1 program of the European Union's EACEA agency and you decide to make an application!
Flexible packages for your
successful project implementation
- no fix dates
- no fix fees
- no fix topics
Our programmes will fit your project plan and your E+ application's budget. All you have to do is to fill our application form and we contact you.
We help you
- travel,
- airport transfer,
- accommodation,
- local job shadowing
- complete training courses with the relevant topic
We offer individual packages for all clients which completely in line with the approved Erasmus+ project.



In order to achieve the objectives of your trainings and workshops, our NGO collaborates with many local stakeholders who are involved in the projects. Professional staff and experts who cooperate with our organisation at local level, implement the training courses, according to the subject of your proposal. Training courses contain also visits to local organisations and companies in order to implement workshops or seminars. In all courses modern technological equipmentare used.

Spend your mobility in Eger, the baroque pearl of Hungary


Get some infos about

our beautiful town

Workshops for adult education staff mobility

- Project management in international projects

- Use of non-formal training methods in competence

  development trainings

- Community development

- Operation of community centers

- New challenges for youth workers

Trainings for adult education staff mobility

- Career Guidance: strategies and tools

- Social media in education

- Social competence: social skills, communication skills and active listening

- Motivating adult learners in their lifelong learning

- Communication skills in adult education

- NGO management - an association: one organization, much people sharing aims

- Facing early school leaving

- Reflecting as European citizens - our present, our aims,

  the future thanks to an active citizenship

- Designing and leading an entrepreneurial organization

- Team building coaching strategies

Workshops for youth mobility

- Group management and team building in youth organizations

- New challenges for youth leaders

- Indoor and outdoor training methods

- Working with informal youth groups

Trainings for youth mobility

- The roles of youth leadership

- Time management, stress management

- Project planning, write-up, implementation and evaluation

- Promoting entrepreneurship - encourage young people to think

  about what makes an entrepreneur

- Developing and facilitating community

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