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Erasmus+ Sport 

Small Collaborative Partnerships

Project number:


Aims of the project



- To popularize the sport and the healthy lifestyle through handball.


- To promote social inclusion and equality of opportunity through

   healthy forms of exercises - support for volunteering.


- To promote cooperation between the local and international

   organizations dealing with sport and the physical activity.

Concrete aims



- Co-operation between Austria, Slovakia and Hungary in the field of promoting local and international handball sport,

   especially in the field of youth.


- In order promoting and raising awareness - organization of “Handball-festivals” in all three countries.


- Exchange of experience of the sport experts of the three countries.


- The appropriate level of dissemination of the results obtained, both at local and at international level.


- Organizations and institutions at the local level can be beneficiary of the project, mainly in the field of the youth

   sports promotion.


- Broadening the range of vision of the sports professionals - mainly through international exchange.


Our project was an 18 months long cooperation between Hungary, Austria and Slovakia. In the project we involved three handball association and a coordinator NGO. The main aim of the project was to start to prepare the common work of handball trainers in the fields of exchange of experiences. The main questions were - how to work in the country the popularization of the leisure sports with the help of handball, how to manage to recruit the students to the sport organizations.


During the project there were different activities in the three partner countries:


  • workshops with the aim of exchanging best practices among the international trainers and experts.


  • Handball Festivals is for to popularize the importance of physical activity through handball sport in local level. These events were spectacular days with as many partners from the fields of sport and healthcare as possible. There were game shows with the participation of the young handball players of the three partner countries, the interested public of the Festival had the facility to try playing handball in funny ways too.


  • Dissemination periods - after the workshop and the festival the partner organization had to disseminate the result of the first part of the common work. Their work was to search for possible platforms for presenting the goals of the project and the shared experiences in the fields of popularization of the leisure, grassroots sports with the help of handball, and to create and search online surfaces on which they can spread the results and facilities.


With project we had the possibility to work closely with the sport movement and relevant competent organisations at local level. During the 18 months different working structures and methods were established among the cooperated organizations and countries. In our project one of our first aim was the contribution of sport to the employability of young people, including young professional sportsmen and women, and the creation of job facilities in the sport and sport-related labour market. With implementing this project, we had a long-term idea to prepare a practical guidance on how to encourage transparent and long-term investment in sport, including EU funding dealing with a practical toolkit for dissemination of sport with the help of handball.

During the 18-month co-operation we managed to achieve the project goals that were identified during the planning process. Popularizing of sports and youth handball was promoted at several levels. We have succeeded in exchanging tactics and methods among the participating teams that will support the professional work of the next period.

During the conducted workshops and public events - handball festivals - the coaches and experts were able to negotiate on a number of topics that could improve the performance and the quality of workouts based on preliminary expectations. We have succeeded in exchanging experiences that promote the tools of popularization and recruitment for all participating countries.


The implementation of the three country-based handball project was developed in accordance with the previously planned application. The basic goal of collecting and sharing positive experiences between the three countries' sports experts is on several levels. It has been possible to develop a network through which the participating organizations have the opportunity to gain international networking and to get to know new professional backgrounds. The project also played a major role in the development of the participating children, as the U12 replenishment ages were less present on the international front than before. An important part of the program was the promotion of sports, the active involvement of young people in handball sports. The organized handball festivals have succeeded in providing publicity that has promoted the popularity of sport in the participating towns and, the importance of movement and sport among young people. During the implementation it was very important for us to increase the voluntary activities in sport - especially handball - at local level among the students of primary and secondary schools. As we had different participants from different regions, and countries that maintained the equal opportunities while presenting the facilities of physical activities was one of our main pursuit. During the co-operation of sports practitioners, there were discussions and workshops that would greatly assist the work of the next year's replenishment education. We have succeeded in creating common materials and professional enhancements that can complement the work of the coaches so far, thus increasing the efficiency of education and involvement. As an important result, we can mention that the leaders and decision-makers of the participating towns have also noticed international cooperation, and they have been able to focus attention on the importance of the sport on the decision-making level. Basically, we can say that the target groups have benefited positively from the results of international cooperation. Shortly after the completion of the project, the results that were available at the beginning of the development were visible. The supply of handball for all three settlements has developed, the number of people interested in sporting activities is increasing. During the international co-operation of experts, the coaches' approach was developed, and commitment to methodological improvements was intensified. The jointly created professional materials also promote the scientific development of replenishment education, and the international exchange of experience has clearly had positive effects on the development of the work of sports practitioners as well.

I. Handball Festival in Leoben, Austria

The main aim of the event is that after clarifying the project goals, start to prepare the common work  of the trainers in the fields of exchange of experiences. How to work in the country the popularization of the leisure sports, how to manage to recruiting the students to the sport organizations. 

The Festival is for to popularize the importance of physical activitiy throught handball sport in local level. This event will be a spectacular day with as many partner from the flelds of sport and healthcare as possible. There will be game shows with the participation of the young handball players of the three partner countries, the interested public of the Festival will have the facility to try playing handball in a funny ways too.

II. Handball Festival in Presov, Slovakia

Shooting out the Handball Stars of Tatran Presov Team:
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Megtekintés most

A key priority of the project was the compilation of international co-operation, which provides opportunities for development and experience in the field of sport replenishment education. During the 18-month project, focusing different target groups was the main goal that was better than expected. Both primary school age, parents, families, professionals and decision-makers have been involved in the development process and the results. Mapping differences and similarities between participating countries, common development opportunities and common methodological developments were all subjects of the competition that were implemented and were an important part of the cooperation. In every town, several inhabitants - families, parents and other interested people - were involved in the programs that clearly showed interest in the movement and the possibilities and necessities of inclusion in the sport. Another remarkable objective was to address the co-organizations, schools, associations, who were indirect beneficiaries of the project. By the end of the co-operation, in all the participating settlements, it was possible to include sports organizations and schools in the results of the development, who will profit from the results in the future, will be able to successfully use the new methods of replenishment that were born during the project.

Preparation training of U12 Handball Team of EVSI Eger: